Screenprinting prices scale depending on several factors; number of screens required, type of ink being used (for instance special inks like metallic or glow in the dark inks have a higher base cost), size of design being printed, and garment type. For exact prices please contact for a quotation.


Print Prices Breakdown

Setup costs

The first step in the process of screen printing is creating the screens which act as a stencil for the design to be used. In this process vellum sheets (similar to transparencies) are used to create the stencil on screens after they are coated in a UV sensitive emulsion.

Screen print setup is charged at £15 per screen (ex VAT). One screen is required for each different design, and different screens are required for each colour printed, and each different location of printing. For example, a one colour front and back print requires two screens if the design on the front is different to the design on the back. The same applies for different sizes of image when they are printed due to needing different sized stencils to be burned.

Per Screen/Per Colour

After screens have been produced there is an additional charge for each extra screen you require that covers the cost of the additional ink used to print each screen and the labour times to print them onto the garment themselves.